Building up relationships can take a thousand years but it can be broken within a twinkle of an eye. Now imagine someone who has been so close to you that you have entrusted your life to either knowingly or unknowingly and suddenly he/she betrays you!!!!! Ha…….

This can bring about depression, mental instability, or even hearth attack which becomes a lifetime challenge.

Our aim here is to guide teenagers on how they can build good and sustainable relationships that can lead them into better futures. We hear today in our daily lives the common saying that “you just have to have the connection to get to where you want to”. Ask me “why?” …The simple truth is that it is based on relationships. Sometimes no matter how successful you may become in terms of wealth, educational and social status, it may all end up in a jiffy when you meet with someone that you have had a bad relationship with in the past.

In this first episode, we present to our esteemed readers, 5 rules that can help you build a good relationship.  This is based on an example of a six-year relationship with whom I can say today, is my best friend!!!!

#5. Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

In most cases, honesty is the way to go. If your friend has a bat in the cave (an enormous booger hanging out of his/her nose), it is your duty as a friend to point out the obvious. But, if your friend is dating a complete moron, take it from me, it is in your best interest to keep your opinion to yourself!

some people might say that it is your duty as best friend to burst this bubble, but some mistakes need to be made. Just make sure that you are the first person available to sympathize with him when he realizes his errors or mistakes. Which brings me to the next rule

#4. It is your sworn duty to be there when a break-up occurs.

There will absolutely be no exception to the rule on this one. I don’t care f you have a date with Wiz kid that night when you get the call that your best buddy has a heinous breakup in his/her relationship. You must be there within half an hour of the original phone call. You are also obliged to bring tissue, ice-cream, and chocolate when you show up.

Trust me, it may seem inconvenient but you can be sure that he/she will remember your sacrifice the next time you need a shoulder to cry on. And be sure you will.

#3. Don’t talk about your best friend behind their back.

I don’t care how much you think you trust the person you are venting to. The best buddies are like parents: THEY ALWAYS KNOW! Or they will find out and you will be left defending your honor to uphold your friendship. Plus, if you really are best friends, you should be able to tell them to their faces when they are being wretched………. I KNOW I DO.

#2. Never have more than one best friend!

There can be no two best!

In high school, I had three!! We were in a group of four super-close friends who fought all the time. The problem was when you have more than the one you are expected to distribute your time equally among them, and that is a nightmare. There will always be one who feels left out or neglected. That doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple friends, but it is in everyone’s best interest to keep the best friend title for the closest one.

And the most important of all the best friend rules;

#1 Never, never, never (and did I say never) get together with your best friend boy or girlfriends

………… not even an ex-boy or girlfriend, a person he/she has had or has a crush on either presently or in the past.

Are you getting my point? It is in the worst taste to date your best friend’s ex, and a crime punishable to date his/her current boy/girlfriend. This is the major way to lose the best buddy instantly. Someone did this to me and it took me four years to speak to her again and it was never the same. Just keep your pals off! They are a lot of boys and girls out there, so, there is no reason, excuse, exception, or loophole that will get you out of this one, and just remember, it would suck if someone did this to you.

Keep your friends close and treasure them because where lies the treasure lies the heart.

Watch out for more on keeping healthy relationships.

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