It is important that we discipline our teens in a way that the teacher’s responsibility will be motivating our teenagers internally, to build their self-esteem and make them feel loved. If our teenagers are disciplined in this respect, they will not have a need to turn to gangs, drugs or sex to feel powerful or feel belonged.

The following keys will help parents use methods that have been proven to provide teens with a sense of well-being and security.

  1. USE ACTION, NOT WORDS: Statistics say that we give our teens over 2000 compliance requests a day! No wonder our teens become ‘parents deaf’ instead of nagging or yelling, ask yourself, what action could I take?
  2. GIVE YOUR TEENAGE CHILD APPROPRIATE WAY TO FEEL POWERFUL: If you don’t, they will find inappropriate ways to feel their power. Ways to help them feel powerful and valuable are to ask their advice, give them choices, let them help you balance your checkbook, cook all or part of a meal, or help you shop.

A teenager can help to take care of the home even if you are not around. Often we do the job for them because we can do it with less hassle, bit the result is they feel less important.

  1. USE NATURAL CONSEQUENCES; – Ask yourself what would happen if I don’t interfere in this situation? If we interfere when we don’t need to, we rob them off the chance to learn from the consequences of their actions by allowing consequence to do the talking.

We avoid distributing our relationship by nagging or reminding too much for example if your teenage child forgets to wash his/her uniform, don’t wash it. Allow him/her to find a solution and learn the importance of remembering.