How to have a healthy, balanced teenage life?

If you have ever wondered how to have a good teenage life by balancing social, emotional, and economical needs. Look at this step

Step 1a;- SOCIAL

Make sure you have a good set of best friends, who you trust and have fun with.

  1. Go out with your friends to the cinema, the beach, parks the possibilities are endless.

NOTE; don’t let the excitement and fun drive you crazy.

  1. it is always nice to have a friend, but don’t let this factor dominate your life. If you have one, spend equal time doing something worth doing. By so doing, you are building a healthy relationship. If you are a teenager, enjoy it. Don’t waste time on those who care less about you.
  2. Have a healthy, stable relationship with your family members. They are possibly the most important people in your life that you need a lot.

Note; one of your family members is happy with you; you are already made! (you need them the most in growing up)

  1. Don’t try to climb the social ladder to unnecessary popular in teenage society is generally not worth it.
  2. Have one or two social network site memberships, especially Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are good too. [don’t spend too much time with unseen friends, for it is good to be real.


          Being a teenager is a crucial time in learning who you are, and who you want to be. Learn this and embrace who you are by showing your good qualities and dealing with ones you would rather not have.

          Get good grades in school by working hard; this ensures you a stable place in your future by supplying you with good qualifications for a career.

          Learn about your feelings and how to deal with them. find out what makes you happy and do them when you are feeling sad or angry. [to lighten up your mood].


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